Friends of Israel – Academy Awards

This year’s Academy Awards was marred by “Zone of Interest” filmmaker Jonathan Glazer’s libelous tirade against Israel. Hollywood does not reflect reality. Even its so called “reality shows” are manufactured and contrived. The real Academy Awards should be handed out to those heroes who have brought truth to the current world of lies and misinformation.

Since the October 7th savagery, both the enemies and friends of Israel and the Jewish People have been defined more clearly and precisely.

Although it appears that Israel and the Jewish People have more enemies than friends, I believe the reality is quite the opposite. Yes, anti-Semitism has grown immensely. Yes, the pro-Hamas violent protests have shaken America. Yes, the Democratic Party’s Left flank has put a stranglehold on the White House. This all may be true but there have been many great lights that have shone through the fog of war.

I mention just a few. They all deserve more than just an Academy Award. The Jewish People have very long memories. As Keepers of the Book, we remember our friends for thousands of years. We also don’t forget our foes.

On April 10th, one of the greatest advocates Israel has ever had was awarded the Israel Prize by President Herzog and Minister of Diaspora Affairs Amichai Chikli . It was none other than Conservative British writer Douglas Murray. In an interview with Arutz Sheva he made the most powerful statement made to date, “One Truth can puncture a thousand lies”. That says it all. Douglas Murray has done his fair share in overcoming the pervasive lies and distortions that have inundated the world.

The greatest surprise of all was the rise of Senator John Fetterman as one of Israel’s fiercest advocates. Senator Schumer might call himself the “Shomer” of Israel but the title more fittingly belongs to Senator Fetterman.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has also become a huge friend of Israel. He will always be remembered for his remarks made at the pro-Israel Million Man March in D.C. on November 14th 2023. He got great applause when he said, “These calls for a ceasefire are outrageous.” He further said, “U.S. stands unequivocally with Israel. This morning we watched the horrific film that was produced by Hamas from their own cameras as they committed the assault. It is unspeakable.”

Across the aisle, Congressman Ritchie Torres has been phenomenal in his support for Israel and even more so since he has been the main bulwark and firewall against the “Squad”.

Among other members in Congress and there are too many to highlight in this article, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney stands out as exceptional. Her bill that properly described the “heartland” of Israel as “Judea and Samaria” was vital and seismic.

In the radio world, Sid Rosenberg stands heads and shoulders above anyone else in their support of Israel. He is the Jewish version of Rush Limbaugh of Blessed Memory. Among athletes, no one has been more outspoken in their support of Israel and the Jewish people than former undefeated super featherweight to light middleweight champion, Floyd Mayweather. After October 7th he sent his own jet full of supplies to Israel. He said, “I stand with Israel against the Hamas terrorists” while visiting Israel.

Among military personnel two names stand out. John Spencer is one. He is the Chair of Urban Warfare Studies at West Point and is considered the world’s leading expert on the subject. He has said,”Israel has taken more steps to avoid harming civilians in comparison to all other wars.” He has also called the war against Hamas “the single most challenging battlefield.”

The second is Colonel Richard Kemp, former British Army Commander, who was on Al-Queda’s kill list in 2013. He has said, “Based on my observations the Israel Defense Force, the IDF, does more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army, in the history of warfare.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also deserves praise and thanks. He has probably been the most reliable friend Israel has had in the Biden White House. I refer you to his extremely warm and meaningful meetings he just had with Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant.

Among media personalities, the award goes to my friend and Israel’s friend, Pete Hegseth. His recent interview with Prime Minister Netanyahu was off the charts. His 24-hour coverage of October 7th in real time was one for the record books.

Last but not least is none other than Robert F. Kennedy, Jr who has amazed the entire Pro-Israel Community with his incredible devotion and support during these most difficult times. We are a long way from “finishing the job” and I am sure there will be others that will come forward. To those new heroes and heroines in Israel’s existential battle and its war to preserve morality and justice for the whole world, we, the Jewish People, will remember you for eternity.