Israel Heritage Foundation Delegation Visits Wounded Soldiers in Hospital

The Israel Heritage Foundation delegation, led by Dr. Joseph Frager, Executive Vice President, Rabbi David Katz, Executive Director, and Mr. Jonathan Burkan, Honorary Chairman, embarked on a poignant visit to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, where they met with courageous Israeli soldiers convalescing from war wounds.

Accompanied by esteemed members, including Holocaust survivor Mr. Jerry Wartski, Switzerland Ambassador Mr. Ed McMullen, and philanthropist Mr. Harley Lippman, the delegation donned hospital gowns to enter the soldiers’ rooms, offering stirring words of valor and resilience to the brave warriors and their loved ones.

The scene was particularly moving as Mr. Wartski, a survivor of the Holocaust, now over 90, clad in a hospital gown, evoked memories of the devastating losses he endured during World War II when his entire family was tragically wiped out.

The emotional toll of this experience was palpable, and Ambassador McMullen, overcome with emotion, later recounted the experience at a meeting, his voice choked with tears as he described the heart-wrenching scenes he witnessed.