From The Organization: Rav Chaim Kanievsky Zt”l

We are in shock at the loss of a “giant.” Hashem, the almighty created a world with people that strive to work on themselves to become righteous in three important pillars of life. As our sages teach us, the pillars that hold the world are Torah, prayer, & graciousness. One who lives his years on this world, particularly in our generation, is very unlikely to reach the top of these three pillars. The sages teach us because there is no righteous one person in the entire world who has not sinned!

When we remember the great Giant, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, who lived his life and perfected himself on all 3 pillars, we will remember a man of Torah and prayer, one who prayed for the entire world & a gracious tzadik who lived for others rather than himself.

The world has lost a man who exemplified these three pillars for which it is now the responsibility of every Jew to fulfill and strengthen. By us remembering & talking of this Giant, we will remind ourselves of the responsibilities we continue to bear. May Rav Chaim pray for us, our redemption, and the speedy coming of Mashiach.







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